Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Spending Consultants.

We all know that budgets can be tight. Costs for electricity, food, cable, and other items continue to rise. And salaries often don’t keep up with expenses. When unexpected expenses arise, OUCH! Spending Consultants’ passion is to help people spend less on the things they need.

We use our expertise to locate the best providers for you, redirecting spending and giving you flexibility. Spending Consultants exists to help you spend less on things you need; things you already buy. We focus on specific areas:

  • You spend money on these items month after month. Savings are compounded and you continue to benefit.
  • These expenses are significant.
  • There are likely to be opportunities to reduce expenditures while maintaining or improving quality.
  • Information about providers may be difficult to understand or constantly changing.

    These areas usually include energy, credit cards, and cable/telecommunications. As consumers ourselves, we feel your pain. It takes a lot of time to determine how to spend money wisely, whether we are considering a new credit card provider, a electricity provider, or phone and cable/telecom services. Once a decision is made, it is difficult and time-consuming to monitor the landscape and make adjustments as new opportunities arise.

    Have you ever had the experience of making an online request for information, only to receive a barrage of solicitations that lead to confusion and frustration? We take extraordinary measures to ensure that your personal information is kept private and offline. We will never sell your information. We currently work with one outside company to bring you additional cost reductions, but your information will only be provided to them per your request. (After seeing what Spending Consultants can do, most clients are happy to let us help them in other key areas.)

    Seeking out and monitoring providers for energy, cable/telecom, and credit cards is time-consuming and often confusing. Let us help. We research quality providers and uncover cost-saving alternatives that work for you. We monitor future developments, communicating new opportunities to our clients. And we do our job quietly, confidentially, and efficiently.

    We simply ask that you put our team to work for you. We will do our best to help.