For Businesses

Spending Consultants analyzes your spend on energy, telecom and cable, and credit cards (both spending and payment systems). Additional items may be evaluated depending on your location and personal circumstances. We will deliver a Spending Blueprint detailing financial projections, implementation steps, and considerations involved in your analysis. At your request, we offer assistance to implement your plan.

We anticipate that your analysis will be completed and implementation will begin within two weeks from the time we receive the required documentation.

As fellow business owners, we know that time is your most valuable asset. Let us use our expertise to locate and help implement cost reduction strategies that work for you. In addition to our initial recommendations, we stay on top of developments and continue to make recommendations that reduce your costs.

We are paid based on results. Generally, our fees are between one-third and one-half of first-year cost reductions. In other words, the payback for our services is generally between four and six months. There is no fee if we are unable to significantly reduce your expenses.

If we are unable to illustrate significant cost reductions, you pay us nothing. Give us a call at (817) 601-5830 or send us an email through our contact page and we will show you how easy it is to start saving money.