Confidentiality and Privacy – Individual

We consider it critical to keep personally identifiable information private. Our clients are identified by a number, and all personal data is kept offline. In order to maintain privacy and confidentiality, clients’ information is kept only in our offices under lock, with backup in a secure, offline location. Personal information kept electronically is kept in a format that is either encrypted, offline, or both.

We don’t consider personal electronic data to be secure if it can be accessed online. In 2016 alone, computer systems were breached in the U.S. Department of Justice, the IRS, Oracle, Yahoo, Cisco, Verizon, UC Berkeley, and others. Prior notable breaches occurred for Bank of America, Home Depot, Target, and others.

Because of our concerns and the resulting care we take with our clients’ data, access to certain information will necessarily be slower. We frequently have to retrieve paper files; our turnaround times will be longer because we keep information offline on purpose.

We try to use encrypted email when personally identifiable information is contained (you may opt out).

Your information will not be disclosed to any outside parties without your express permission. Our Non-Disclosure Agreement will be made available upon request.