How It Works

Spending Consultants works directly for you. We are not associated with any particular providers. Our aim is to identify the best, lowest-cost providers that can serve you and/or your business. We use our expertise to analyze your spending in several key areas, identifying cost-saving opportunities. After gathering some basic information, we analyze and locate appropriate providers that meet your criteria. We focus on repetitive significant purchases such as energy, telecommunications, and credit cards. Depending on your location and circumstances, other expenses may be examined.

Once our analysis is completed, you receive a Spending Blueprint, illustrating recommendations for cost reduction. Once you approve these recommendations, you are given detailed instructions on how to easily make the changes required. As needed, we work with you or your staff to facilitate implementation. You save money month after month, and a fraction of your savings will be paid to Spending Consultants during the first year.

When you become a client, we continue to bring you cost reduction ideas. Our aim to to bring you practical, easily implemented cost reduction ideas on an ongoing basis.

Interested? Call us at 1-817-601-5830 or send us an email through our Contact page. We promise there will be no hard sell. We want to form lasting relationships with our clients; respect and consideration are essential.